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Bracelets ! Why bracelets?

A bracelet is magic; It is an object that, in a few square centimeters, allows you to assert your personality, reflect your mood, and even display the tone that your day will take !

I love beauty, I'm always on the lookout every moment of my life to see something beautiful that will brighten my day, cheer me up !

I like to work the material and transform it into spirituality, I like to make my followers travel in another world and embellish their daily lives...

My creative process

The creative process requires opening up and letting an imagination emerge.

It's all the magic of creativity, a moment that I particularly like and that is not made to order !

The starting point is inspired by my daily life, my family, my friends, my travels, nature, fashion, Morocco with its colors and its beautiful light, Pollux my cat and my beloved ….

I try to realize this idea by working the material and the information arises, bounces and I start over and over again to achieve pure beauty !

And it's even more exhilarating when the idea springs up unexpectedly or by accident, it's as if a little invisible fairy had put this gift on my way....

My journey

My initial training is an engineering degree in fashion.

I had the pleasure of working for twelve years in the world of fashion, mainly abroad in China, Indonesia, India, Portugal, Eastern European countries, Tunisia and Morocco.

I then resumed my studies in 2007 and obtained a Master 2 in Marketing and Sales to explore the space planning and interior design sector for 12 years.

At the same time, I have always created and made clothes, accessories, decorative objects with my hands to finally focus on bracelets….